ep. 2 with Lily Buttons

ep. 2 with Lily Buttons

Lily Buttons talks to us about being an artist, and how to pursue something you are passionate about. She welcomes artist of all kind and talks to us about being open minded and encouraging to other creative minds. She is the women behind the Give Hope events. This year it is happening on Sept 22nd from 2-6pm at Saloon Door Brewing 105A Magellan Circle, Webster, Texas 77598.

The Give Hope event is supporting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. To learn more about suicide warning signs, to donate or get involved go to afsp.org.


A podcast to pair with Balancing Lipstick's journey in her music career. In this podcast, you'll discover interesting people to help inspire you to make what you want in life welcomed.  Get the best encouragement to live a life of adventure and listen to my talk with Regina Masters.